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A portrait by Lisa McWhirter Traeger combines the artistry found within the Old Master painters to create a portrait style that is like a Signature piece of art. Her work has graced the homes of clients throughout the United States and abroad. This commitment to excellence has recognized Lisa McWhirter Traeger as one of the foremost portrait artists with clients traveling from South Africa, Germany, England and Asia to commission a Charis portrait. As one of three studios in the world practicing this style of portraiture, Lisa McWhirter Traeger's work has garnered her some of the highest honors found in the photographic industry.

Featuring her work in 1990-2000 with retail giant, Neiman Marcus, Lisa McWhirter Traeger co-owned and operated the McWhirter Studios at Neiman Marcus. In an exclusive arrangement as their premier studio, Lisa McWhirter Traeger's portraits had become synonymous with the uncompromising quality associated with Neiman Marcus.

Using the painter's palette, these photographs are transformed into a visual masterpiece. Taking each portrait to a pinnacle unreached by any free-hand painter, her portraits reflect the views of her subject while incorporating the signature style that makes it unmistakably a Charis portrait.

Her passion for children is evident in the portraits she creates. As a mother of six, Lisa McWhirter Traeger realized the need for capturing the innocence of a child while preserving it in an art form worthy of passing from generation to generation. Her collection of children's portraits combines the opulence of rich, robust colors with a strong dose of homey sentiment.

View her collection and you will agree with those whom have called them "the most beautiful In the world".